Mind, Body & Gut Connection

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

In the 17th Century Rene Descartes wrote “I think, therefore I am”.  This simple statement lead to a privileging of the mind over the body and essentially split them apart. So are the mind and body really connected? How could this be and what are the implications of this? What role does the gut play in our mood?

What will we cover?

This relaxed session will begin by examining definitions for Mind, Body and Brain by drawing on your knowledge and experience of these concepts.  The gut will then be introduced as part of the body and discuss the impact on the mind and body. Explore the very beginnings of the link between the mind and body by discussing definitions and the development of life from a single cell to a fully functioning being, and also where the gut fits in. Finally we will discuss some ways to improve mind/body/gut connection and what this means in everyday life.

Who will be teaching?

Dominique is a Naturopath/Nutritionist with a special interest in the gut and its underlying connections throughout the body. An exciting area of research, the gut microbiome has been associated with many conditions including those relating to the health of the mind/body. Dominique has a private practice in Hampton and lectures in Nutritional Medicine. Dominique’s approach to healthcare is to keep it as simple and natural as possible, drawing on both traditional medicine and an evidence-based understanding.
Peter McKay is a Somatic Psychotherapist with a private practice in the CBD and Hampton, who has a keen interest in anything related to the Human Condition. In addition to seeing private clients he also co-facilitates workshops on emotionally intelligent parenting and body mind gut connection