Life Coaching – Everyday Awesomeness

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Some days are just better than others, right? You know the ones I mean, when you feel on top of the world, your performance at work is outstanding, you effortlessly say all the right things and everything seems to just slot into place.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to know how to flip that switch inside and have a productive, satisfying day whenever you wanted or needed to? This isn’t another positive thinking workshop. This is a mental and strategic approach to performing at your best whenever you need to. In this class we will guide you through what to think about on any given day to bring out the best of your ability. It’s unique for every individual and you already have the simple strategy inside you, you’ve just been distracted away from it and now is the time to reconnect and gain confidence to use it at will.

What will we cover?

You will be guided through a simple 5 step process to get you back in control whenever you want. It will take some practice in the days and weeks afterwards, but you’ll leave the class equipped with a strategy that is uniquely yours to bring out your best. The steps we will cover are:

  • Learn how to recognise your ‘Worst Day’ thoughts and re-focus
  • Gain an understanding of what you are most aware of on the days you are at your best
  • Feelings these thoughts create
  • Memorise your ‘Best Day Thoughts’
  • Put some reminders in your life of your ‘Best Day Thinking’

Who will be teaching?

Kylie-HarkerKylie Harker is a professional trainer and coach who assists businesses get the most from their teams, develop lasting relationships with their customers and build communities around their brand. Her business Change Agent Coaching was set up to help start-up & small business owners thrive and she also consults with the team at The Centre for Ubuntu Leadership. Kylie loves working with people to find meaning in what they do and get the most from their unique abilities.