This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Your view of the world is wrong. In this session we learn how and why many conventional maps are incorrect and why it may or may not matter. We also look at some of the sad, gory and checkered stories that have lead to what we know about the world. Or think we know…

What will we cover?

Maps, more than ever, are everywhere we look and in many things we do. Often the perspective of the world they give you is wildly inaccurate, sometimes for very good reason, sometimes for not so good reasons. We also look at some stories and legends behind maps from lost priests to lost continents and the discovery that built empires.

Strap yourself in, it will be a bumpy voyage of discovery…

Who will be teaching?

Chris Ward is an ex-indie rockstar, tech geek and lover of beer with a penchant for staring at maps for hours on end.