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This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Some people spend hours obsessing over the words to their favourite songs, and completely miss that the melody has like 3 notes. Some people love the music, and the words are just kind of background. In this workshop, we’ll listen to 3 totally different songs, pull them apart and learn to hear why they are brilliant. Then there will be a chance for you to bring along your favourite song, and we’ll try to work out why it works.

What will we cover?

We will start off with something fun with catchy and clever lyrics and learn how to pick apart the puns and the philosophy. It will sound much different the second time through! Then we’ll play something a bit more serious, and maybe turn the lights off to really get into the zone.

With our new found skills we will then get the chance to understand some of our favourite songs! Bring along your iPod/phone with music and a copy of the lyrics (or make sure they are easy to find on the net).

Who will be teaching?

KatherineKatherine Firth has a PhD on what happens when you put poetry to music, she’s a professional librettist, and occasionally sings in choirs. She also teaches at the University of Melbourne.