Lyrical Hip Hop for Beginners

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Lyrical hip hop dance is a fusion of techniques with choreography that follows not only the beat of the music, but also the rhythms of the lyrics in a song to express emotion.

Hip hop dancing has come a long way from its street-dance roots, at times being used by choreographers as an expressive or “story-telling” style, much like classical styles have done for many years. The intricacies of modern hip hop dance’s musicality can be a high barrier of entry for a beginner wanting to start out to learn hip hop dance today so this class aims to gently introduce beginners to the concept of musicality and give them some understanding to make their next hip hop dance class feel less daunting.

What will we cover?

We’ll start with a basic dance warm up to get your body in the mood to move and then go through some basic movement exercises to teach you to hear the different moments in music to “hit” and dance to.

After nailing some basic concepts, you’ll learn a choreographed routine to put these concepts to practice while learning some basic lyrical hip hop dance moves.

Note, you do not need to be flexible like the man in the image to come to this class!

Who will be teaching?

Liz is an IT professional by day, but has followed her love of dance since the age of 7 when it began with ballet. One style not being enough, Liz branched out into ballroom, hip hop and jazz (to name a few), in which she taught for seven years before taking a break to travel the world – which of course, included trying many local dance styles along the way.

Now back and settled in Australia, the dance bug has bitten once again and Liz is eager to share her love of dance and having fun with others.