Lyrical Jazz Dance for Beginners

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Jazz dance refers to dance styles that originated from African tribal dances. It has been reshaped and developed over time by changes in music and by influences of time.

Lyrical jazz is a type of dance that incorporates static jazz techniques to the dynamism of modern music. With the interpretation of song lyrics and beats, one is able to express music in a different dimension, bringing emotion into an intricate story-telling with the body.

What will we cover?

For Jazz newbies, this class will begin with a warm-up and introduction into basic jazz moves before applying the techniques to a moving piece of music in a short choreography. The class aims to teach you basic techniques and how it can be translated into a performance poignant with emotion.

Who will be teaching?

lukeLuke is a dancer of 6 years, mainly in the styles of contemporary and jazz. He finds himself lacking the swag in hiphop but is slowly stepping into that field with freelance lessons and small performances. Being extremely passionate about dance, he squeezes time out of his busy schedule as a medical student to take to the floor, even if it is just to boogie in his room.