Making A Hand Woven Nest

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Have you ever tried to weave your own vessel? Woven baskets have been crafted since the beginning of time; get in touch with nature in this down-to-earth workshop as you’re guided through the process of preparing your materials and building your hand-woven nest. Once complete, this organic creation can be used around your home as a basket or for holding other potted plants.

What will we cover?

We are going to learn how to prepare the vines and branches, ready for forming into shape. When we are ready, we begin to form our nest with wire to support the shape, learning the essential weaving techniques for structuring a basket.
With your new found skills, you’ll be able to try weaving with other materials at home, such as rope or wicker.

Who will be teaching?

evy_luxe_saraSara of Green Pop is passionate about helping others learn new crafts and have a go at something they’ve always wanted to try. Not only a qualified Interior Architect and Designer, Sara also has 13 years’ experience teaching beginners how express their crafty and creative side and understands it’s not always easy when you’re learning how to DIY. Sara’s favourite colour is green, and if it fills her home in the form of a living jungle of plants, that’s perfect. You can find her on Facebook or Instagram too.