Mobile Filmmaking with Andera ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ever wanted to know how to make a film/video using your smart phone?

Join Andrea and learn the basics of using your mobile phone to shoot video, get introduced to the 5 C’s of cinematography and dip into the world on mobile phone filmmaking.

What will we cover?

Equipment run down, which apps are good for shooting video on Iphone and Android, and how do you use manual settings to get more control over what you’re shooting?

We will also do an introductory run down of the 5 C’s of cinematography: Camera Angles, Cutting, Close-ups, and Composition, in the context of mobile filmmaking.

What will you need?

  • Your mobile phone (obviously!).
  • Cable to connect your phone to your computer
  • Download ProMovie Recorder app (or iPhone users) or Cinema FV-5 Lite (for Android users). (Both free apps.)

Who will be teaching?

Andrea is a filmmaker and creative practice-based researcher. She teaches filmmaking at RMIT University and is an avid fan of science fiction, documentary and creative non-fiction. Her work has been shown at the New York Imagine Science Festival, the Oaxaca FilmFest in Mexico, New Zealand International Film Festival, White Night in Australia and Sónar+D in Spain.