Music for Enhancing Your Day

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Remember mixtapes? In this session we will be designing mixtapes with a purpose. Some of Australia’s leading music therapists from The University of Melbourne will guide us through how to intentionally use the songs you already know and love to enrich your day. Whether its getting the most from early morning jogs, gearing up for big days at work, or helping switch off and de-stress at the end of the day. You will leave with your own personal mixtape, and some tips on how to use music to positively influence your day.

What we will cover?

We will kick off with a short, interactive overview of the use of music for health and wellbeing. We will then explore how each person has their own relationship with music, and how understanding this can help us use music in a positive way to enrich our lives. We will then create our own mixtapes so we can start making the most of our music library straight away.

Who will be teaching?

Alex and CoGrace Thompson, Imogen Clark, Cherry Hense and Alex Crooke are all part of the Music Therapy team at the University of Melbourne. A mix of professional academics, lecturers, and registered music therapists, the team is united by their love of music, and their passion for engaging the community in musical participation that is both healthy and fulfilling.