Myanmar: Culture, History and Places

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

We will be talking about the variety of fascinating experiences you can have while travelling in Myanmar. During the class we will explore stories from in-country experiences intermixed with an in-depth reading of life, history and culture in Burma/Myanmar.

What we will cover?

The class will cover the basic aspects of the country’s recent history – from pre-colonial time to the present – set against the backdrop that is modern Myanmar and its links to its past. Because of the seemingly deliberate constraints on development imposed by the military regime the links to its past seem much closer and more accessible than when travelling in most countries.

Illustrated with photos and short video clips, the intention is to provide an understanding of the uniqueness of Myanmar and its potential as it emerges from more than a century of arrested development and decades of overt military rule.

Who will be teaching?

AdrianAdrian is an ex EAL teacher and education manager with more than 9 years’ experience of working in SE Asia and 25 years of working with culturally diverse migrant and international students in Australia. He is sort of semi-retired, a decision taken to give him the freedom to keep travelling when he can.