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This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Learn how to stop feeling insane around food.

Do your diet-brain thoughts leave you frustrated and obsessed with your weight watching calculator? Feeling like an insane person around food is not funny, and it doesn’t feel good. But the good news is that your life doesn’t have to revolve around food.

If you change your thinking, you can change your behaviour. This class will show you how to make healthy choices, without feeling restricted.

What will we cover?

In this class we will learn:

  • How to let go of frustrating diet-brain thinking patterns.
  • How your mindset can change your eating habits, and your body.
  • Which foods manipulate your eating habits and what you can eat instead.
  • How to let your body arrive at the weight it’s supposed to be, without yo-yo dieting and drastic weight swings.
  • The reasons why you should throw away your scales.

Who will be teaching?

Carmen profile picture.Carmen Mair is a nutritional therapist, body image coach and photographer, originally from Germany. In the past she was convinced that calorie counting would be the only way to achieve a slim and healthy body. But then she fell pregnant and all of a sudden she faced the same issue millions of people are facing every day. How on earth could she loose the accumulated body fat? After trying the old approaches, she discovered that a restrictive diet can lead not just to initial weight loss, but also to strong cravings and quick weight regain. She remembered something she had learned in the very beginnings of her study: our body’s intelligence to choose the right food for us. This knowledge combined with changes in her mindset brought the final results she was hoping for. She fell back into her natural ideal weight and can hold it without effort now. You can follow Carmen on Facebook and Instagram.