Nihao! A little Chinese with Qing

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Have you always been interested but thought that Chinese is a difficult language to learn? Concerned about getting in a pickle with the intonation?  In this lesson you will be able to enjoy learning Chinese. Qing will help you put you in the picture, with a relaxed way to understand Chinese.

What we will cover?

In this class you will learn about the basic structural features of Chinese from the origin and formation the language.  In not time you will have the confidence to begin to learn how to write, read and speak Chinese.

Who will be teaching?Qing

Qing Qing has many talents and loves to share her culture. She loves to cook for her family and learnt traditional methods from her parents. She also teaches classes on dumplings, origami and beading. Her hobbies include dressmaking and embroidery.