Nutrition: Just a Little Taster

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Does alcohol make you fat? Can caffeine be good for you? Do fad diets really work? What should I eat to get more fibre? What’s so great about water?

If you’ve ever wondered about any of the above, come to Nutrition 101 for the answers to this and more. Kelly, a trained nutritionist, will debunk the biggest myths and tell you the facts you really need to know.

What will we cover?

“Nutrition, eh? You mean like apples ‘n’ stuff?” Well, sort of…

Over the course of 75 minutes, we’ll cover general health and the BMI test, disease, fad diets, caffeine, world diets, a vegan diet, the nutrients you need, and food labelling. There will be a quiz at the end and a brief Q&A, giving you the chance to ask the questions that have always puzzled you.

Bring your appetite… for knowledge!

Who will be teaching?

kellyKelly Goding completed a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Therapy in 2009. Kelly has a keen interest in health and the human body with particular interest in a vegan lifestyle. Currently working in Business Development at a company which sells fruit to offices, Kelly has performed multiple Nutritional Seminars for the department of Human Services with invitations to return.

Kelly is a vegan for health, environmental and animal welfare reasons and also achieved her second dan back belt in martial arts last year.