Origami as Decoration

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Love folding paper? Looking for some interesting decoration ideas?

Join us and learn how to fold unlikely origami decorations for your home wall displays!

What we will cover?

In this session we will learn how to fold different origami ornaments for decoration. We will learn how to fold a vase full of geometry (so be prepared to trace parallel and perpendicular lines) and then we will learn an origami plate that look like a pleated sculpture to be used as a decorative piece or for filling with candies and chocolates!

By the end we will all be able to fold these amazing origami sculptures. Not only that but you can then show them off to your friends and family and tell them about that night you became a master of origami and maths at the same time!

Who will be teaching?

Manuela has a background in mathematics and she is passionate about geometry, jewellery and origami. At the moment, Manuela spends her time creating jewellery and decorative art using many different origami models.