Overcoming Fear and Procrastination Using Self-Talk

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Have you ever wondered why even with your very best efforts you can’t seem to break those bad habits? Have you ever been disappointed at your ability to deal with anger and sadness? Have you been stopped from doing the most important things in your life (and at the worst possible times) by fear or procrastination?

For people who have already read enough books on personal development and mindfulness this workshop seeks not to add more principles and ideas but instead allow you gain a deeper understanding of yourself through the power of asking yourself really good questions.

What we will cover?

In this class we will look to develop an awareness and deeper language around your feelings and beliefs. Whatever you can measure you can manage. We will then aim to understand, using simple concepts, how those really common and annoying emotions that come up for us, such as fear and anger, can be identified and quickly dissolved.

We will also look to:

  • Catch ourselves inside those states and comfortable enough to casually say “Oh I’m doing that thing again”.
  • Be comfortable enough to deal with it on your own without the need for external help.
  • Deal with distracting addictions by understanding how and why they form and how to deal with the real underlying causes.
  • Assist others to get clarity when they are stuck in their own feelings and negative beliefs.

Who will be teaching?

Ex-stunt performer, Brett Solomano, has spent nearly ten years working with danger, fear and adrenaline, teaching and learning from sportsmen and athletes, the very best tools and techniques for learning fast, overcoming your fears and mindfulness. Brett, with his amazing ability to communicate simply for anyone to understand, has turned this deep awareness of emotional intelligence into easy to follow processes for you to learn.

When not running workshops he teaches mindfulness, and self-awareness to young people.