Painting Landscapes: Cézanne’s Favourite Mountain with Nicole ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

The artist Paul Cézanne sat between Impressionism and Cubism and was often referred as the “father of us all” by other artists of his era.  His artistic style exhibited repetitive brushstrokes and some say he revolutionised landscape painting!

Explore Cézanne the artist, learn why he is known as the Father of Modernism, and spend time creating a Cézanne-inspired watercolour landscape of your very own.

What will we cover?

In this painting and drawing class that’s suitable for beginners, we will:

  • Compose a landscape watercolour
  • Use Cézanne’s solid block-like approach to form
  • Introduce how to use the monochromatic colour scheme
  • Cover painting and drawing techniques

What will you need?

Please choose a simple landscape photo that inspires you, include a mountain in the distance and some foreground. It doesn’t need to be too complex – even find one via image search at the start of the class!


  • Watercolour paper (preferably 180gsm and upwards)
  • Pencils for sketching
  • Watercolours, watercolour pencils
  • Brushes, water pots
  • Paper towel, rags
  • Palette, white plate, white plastic plate.

Who will be teaching?

Nicole Kemp has been involved in teaching art and crafts for over 30 years.  Nicole can be found teaching art to all ages – pre-schoolers, primary and secondary students and to adults at all stages of life. She loves the different challenges that the diverse age groups bring.  She is passionate about providing a safe and friendly environment where people feel free enough to learn the basics of art and can move on to exploring and developing their own ideas.

Nicole loves exploring all areas of creativity from painting, drawing, printmaking and textiles.  She is very inspired by the history of art, her travels, and the movement and colour of cities. She embeds her thoughts and feelings into all her work. Poking around suburban and city laneways provides much enjoyment, and inspiration always comes from graffiti.