Pet Portraits with Marloes ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Would you like to draw a portrait of your pet or other favourite animal but don’t know where to begin? not sure what materials you should use? how to create fur textures – so many questions?

Join us to get some answers, and begin your first pet portrait.

What will we cover?

  • Learn where to start
  • How to work from photos successfully (as the darlings rarely sit still long enough),
  • How to choose a pose and create your composition
  • What materials  you could use and some pro’s and con’s

What will you need?

  • Photos of your pet or chosen animal (Ideally as a (A4) photocopy – Ix colour 1x black and white – you will draw on this)
  • Paper
  • Your favourite graphite/lead pencil, & colouring pencils / pens / pastels, eraser & sharpener

Who will be teaching?

Marloes  Bakker-Marsden is a wildlife artist who also teaches a variety of mediums at community centers, retirement communities and other locations, including in her own studio space, sharing her skills and passions with others in a light hearted and fun way that makes the experience totally enjoyable and rewarding for everyone involved. Find her on Instagram or her website.