Posing & Angles – How to Look Good in Any Photo with Natalia

This class has passed
This class has passed

Have you ever wondered why you look amazing in the mirror but next minute you see yourself in photos, you think it’s just meh? 

We all want to look good both in real life AND in photos, and it’s not simply a vanity thing. Shadows, angles, our position in relation to the camera…it all impacts how we are captured in photos.

Taking better selfies can be helpful for improving headshots and profile pics, and understanding the nuances of your camera and what it picks up can help you take better photos of your friends, family and beloveds. 

In this workshop, professional photographer Natalia will go through the tips and tricks of taking that perfect shot.

What will we cover?

In this hands-on workshop you will learn tips for posing, angles, and knowledge the professionals use that are applicable to everyone. 

You CAN look amazing in photos, and have fun doing it. So bring your smartphone, practice in class, and learn how to nail that selfie/posing/photo game the next time you hang out with your mates.


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  • Auslan Interpreted Upon Request 

Who will be teaching? 

Natalia Naa is a Melbourne based fashion and boudoir photographer who creates ethereal images that captures the essence of rawness, beauty, and femininity. Her style of imagery has been described as elegant, dreamy, romantic and intimate. 

Drawing from her background in psychology and social work, she strives to tell the unique stories of her subjects in the photographs she takes. Say hello to Natalia at her website and Instagram.

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