Reading Music

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Bang, crash, rattle and clap your way to reading music. In one short evening, learn how to read musical notation and even have a go at playing some (no instruments or previous skills required – just your body and a sense of fun). This class will equip participants with the ability to read notation from a musical score, without any prior experience or knowledge required.

What will we cover?

This class is designed for music novices – those who have not yet learnt to read music, or those who have not done so in a long time. Whether you play an instrument or not, being able to read music is a valuable (and easy to learn) skill. We will learn how to understand basic music notation by reading pitch and rhythm. We will be using body percussion and some small percussion instruments to make sound and play the notation we see. Learn to read an international language in one evening – and reap the benefits immediately with some maracas.

Who will be teaching?

Anna van Veldhuisen is a musician and educator. With a percussion degree from the Victorian College of the Arts, she now teaches music history, theory and analysis to gifted young musicians at the VCA Secondary School, and is a Masters of Education candidate at the University of Melbourne. Anna is passionate about exploring classical music in accessible, engaging and relevant ways with young people and new adult audiences. She always scores excellently in the music rounds at pub trivia and hopes that after this session, you will too.