Reduce, Recycle and Reinvigorate your Wardrobe!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Learn the importance of reducing the rate in which you might be consuming fast fashion, recycling your pre-loved items in creative ways and reinvigorate the love for your overflowing wardrobe.

What will we cover?

This fun and creative class will teach you how to Reduce by discovering ways to buy less and choose well made garments. How to Recycle with insider tips for the best op-shops around Melbourne, the joy of swapping, and the new economy of borrowing, renting and sharing!
And lastly, how you can Reinvigorate the love you might have lost for your wardrobe by learning unique organisation tricks (including the coat hanger trick), colour & seasonally coding, repairing and dry-cleaning.

You can bring a scarf, hat or bag that is in great condition, free of faults and you would be happy to give to a friend. Please note you must be emotionally detached from this item! Swapping will take place at the end of the class

Who will be teaching?

Stacey KirkbyStacey is a strong advocate for sustainable practice in the fashion industry and was appointed Melbourne Host for The Clothing Exchange in 2017 after dedicating many volunteer hours. At The Clothing Exchange, they believe looking good shouldn’t ‘cost’ the earth. Her biggest achievement in the role thus far includes a collaboration with Fashion Revolution AUS_NZ and The Global Fashion Exchange to deliver one of The Clothing Exchange’s biggest impact swaps, sharing the sustainable fashion message and raising funds for Fashion Revolution Week 2018. Since taking on the role as event manager she has rescued over 1000 garments from landfill and hopes to have doubled that number by this time next year. You can find her on LinkedIn