The Secrets of Record Collecting

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Are vinyl records making a comeback? The reality is they never went away! But now there is a whole new generation – born in the CD era – who are discovering the romance, the warmth and the value of vinyl.

Crate-digging in op shops, markets and garage sales is a great hobby. But what is valuable and what is rubbish? How do you recognise a rare treasure? How important is condition? How can you tell if it’s a first pressing? Get your record-collecting off to a good start, or up your game with this hands-on workshop. Learn the hidden knowledge that record dealers don’t want you to know. Ask all those questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

What will we cover?

We are going to learn how to succeed at record collecting. Including:

  • what to look out for and what to avoid
  • the four golden rules of what makes a record rare, collectable and valuable
  • how to work out the true value of any record.

Who will be teaching?

John Tait profile pictureJohn Tait comes from a teaching background but for the last 15 years has been in his dream job – running his own record store in Essendon. When things are quiet he writes and collaborates on music related books including: Vanda & Young; Captain Matchbox & Beyond; and Tait’s Modern Guide to Record Collecting. He has also written feature articles, obituaries, liner notes, and some trivia questions for RocKwiz. He once had a breakfast show on local radio until he played an uncensored Nine Inch Nails song by mistake.