This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Tired of blaming others? Are you tired of self-analysis? Don’t understand why you keep drawing the same situation over and over again in your life with different people?

If this is you, you will benefit from this workshop. You see, as human beings, we have adopted beliefs (from various avenues) throughout our life, which doesn’t really support us and often we end up self-sabotaging in some way. In this workshop we will learn how to master our thinking (having supportive beliefs) and aligning it to what we want in life.

What will we cover?

  • 3 universal beliefs or fears that we all have as human beings and how to manage them.
  • How our thinking creates our reality: What you focus on, is what you get.
  • How our values determine the quality of life we live (is it aligned with our purpose?). What makes you come alive? What are you intentions for 2016?

During the session, there will be plenty of practical exercises and interactive discussions around these topics to have in a small group and then we can have a larger group discussion.

Who will be teaching?

RanjeetaRanjeeta has for the last 6 years devoted her time and energy to personal development by attending workshops/ seminars/ training as her interest grew in human behaviour & thought patterns. More specifically, Ranjeeta was interested in how human beings create their reality by their thoughts and emotions. If this was true then how can human beings empower themselves and create the life they want for themselves? Ranjeeta believes that you create your own reality by what you focus on. This is shaped by your thoughts, beliefs, values and behavioural patterns. Ranjeeta Prasad is a mindset/healing (emotion, relationship, and wellness) transformational coach.