SMART Storytelling: A new approach to becoming a more confident speaker!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s is all about?

The fear of public speaking (Glossophobia) is a common fear and affects people of all backgrounds at varying degrees. Most of us, even the experienced, are all too familiar with the feeling of ‘butterflies’ or ‘stage fright’ whenever we have to get in front of a group of people and communicate something verbally.

All of this is linked to the overhyped notion that ‘public speaking’ is some grandiose event where one suddenly finds themselves at the centre of attention, burdened with great expectations and therefore subject to ruthless judgement…but this class exists to teach you otherwise!

Speech anxieties of all kinds can impact your career, social life and ability to achieve your goals, hence this class is designed to positively change the way you think about public speaking and rather, focus on harnessing the tools already available to you to become a better storyteller.

Wherever you sit on the speaking spectrum, SMART Storytelling aims to help you recognise and nurture your authentic voice to improve how you connect and engage with others.

What will we cover?

You may be familiar with the S.M.A.R.T Principle, a well-known mnemonic acronym for effective goal-setting in the business world.

However in this class, S.M.A.R.T stands for a completely different set of words, which you will learn about on the day! Each word unlocks a specific strategy that will help you become a better verbal communicator in any context that you might find yourself in.

In this class we will:

  • Analyse a speech in line with the SMART Storytelling framework
  • Be guided through a personal storytelling exercise
  • Learn techniques on audience engagement and persuasion
  • Learn the 3 P’s of effective presentations
  • Put speaking strategies into practice with peer-to-peer sharing
  • Be challenged to breakthrough your fears in a supportive environment

Who will be teaching?

Eira profile pictureEira Joy Aringay is a writer, musician and creative entrepreneur. After a decade working in the commercial media and marketing industries, Eira left the corporate world to pursue her passions for writing and music. With experience across various communication roles throughout her career, Eira soon realised just how much of an impact words have in our professional and personal lives. It then became her goal to help people harness their creativity through the power of words and unlock their full potential.

Eira’s latest projects include coaching university students through resource collective The Mentorship, and empowering female storytellers through online content community Sisters & Stuff.