Social Media for Social Change with D’arcy (Online)

This class has passed
This class has passed

How to change the world with Facebook, Twitter and other social media?… hmmm. This lesson is not a debate about ‘clicktivism’, it is about the practical application of social media for social change.

Through the Global Poverty Project, Global CitizenTeaspoons of Change and many other organisations and campaigns d’Arcy has been lucky to utilise social media for social change to see great effects in awareness, advocacy, policy change and commitment.

Come see what has and hasn’t worked and think about how you can utilise social media tools to put forth your passions and ‘be the change you want to see in the world.’ (credit to Ghandi for that one.)

What will we cover?

  • How Global Citizen and others have utilised social media with campaigns, concerts, and public and political engagement, resulting in huge government commitments toward polio eradication, and other worthwhile causes.
  • Why, when and how to use social media for your change.
  • The different uses of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Building your own social justice movement.
  • A few resources and technical links to effective utilisation of social media for social justice.
  • Thorough sharing, learning, and question and answer session we’ll delve deeper into all things social media and social justice.


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Who will be teaching?

d’Arcy Lunn is not a social media expert, nor does he spend his life on social media. He has been fortunate to use social media to grow a movement working towards seeing the end of extreme poverty.

In the past 10 years he has worked with many change-making organisation including Global Citizen, UNICEF, the Gates Foundation and others as well as enacted a lot of his own personal campaigns through Teaspoons of Change – using a mix of information and inspiration to engage and give people opportunities to act upon the topics and issues of extreme poverty.

d’Arcy is a teacher by trade but lives and breathes activism, advocacy and social justice. In the past 9 years he has given over 1000 presentations and workshops to over 100,000 people on social justice.

He gave a version of this class at the Internet at Liberty conference hosted by Google in Washington DC a few years back and has worked with Google on other social justice projects in the US. Check out more on Global Citizen for the latest ways they try to engage people with social justice.

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