Intro to South Indian Street Dance!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

An Introduction to South Indian Street Dance

South Indian street dance is known for being Energetic, Expressive & Upbeat. It has a strong hip-hop influence, but Indian style! It’s fun, sexy and a crazy workout. When dancing South Indian Street style, you can’t help but connect to your inner child, who loves to play, be silly & be mega expressive.

What will we cover?

In this class we will:

  • An introduction to South Indian Cinema
  • An introduction to South Indian Street Music
  • An introduction to basic steps
  • Learning a short South Indian street dance choreography


Who will be teaching?

Joshinder ChaggarJoshinder Chaggar is a dancer, choreographer, actor, writer and choreographer. She has 18 years of teaching experience, spread over Melbourne, Sydney, Mumbai, Karachi and Munich. She has taught ‘Movement for Actors’ for five years at the National Academy of Performing Arts, in Karachi. Since 2010 she has created and staged numerous dance theatre productions, relentlessly investigating “What is real freedom?”. She is best known for her 3-hour performance art piece, ‘The Bird’, performed in Karachi, Munich & Melbourne, a meditative exploration of ‘Just Being’. You can follow her on Instagram.