Spoken Word!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

What is spoken word? Is it poetry? Is it rap or hip-hop? Is it comedy? Is it confession? Is it public speaking? Is it storytelling? Is it theatre?

Spoken word is a verbal performance art that combines all or some of the above in getting up at a public event or venue to express oneself. Spoken word events, including slam poetry, occur all over the world! Come and join us and learn how to perform your words!

What will we cover?

In Melbourne there are a number of regular events each week that are steadily growing in popularity and from which new voices are emerging. Spoken word artists vary widely in age, background, belief and life choices yet all are passionate in supporting the right of all members of the community in self-expression and gaining new awareness and creativity.

This workshop will encourage people to get up and perform, and to learn some tips about aspects of spoken word, as well as provide useful contacts and links to the scene here and abroad.

Who will be teaching?

 Hamish Danks Brown a.k.a Danksta Dowunder is a poet who has been writing, performing and publishing prolifically for over 10 years. He has recently returned from a round-the-world poetic pilgrimage during which he performed at various events with other artists across North America, Europe and Asia.