It’s Stampy Time: Make Your Own Stamps

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Carving erasers to make stamps is a fun and easy way to create images, and it is a unique print-making skill. Eraser stamps are easy to combine together, and this makes them an excellent medium for collaborating. In this workshop, we are going to learn how to make funny, lovely, strange stamps and combine them in a co-operative way!

Kids will have lots of fun with the stamps you make for them, or you can even make a unique signature stamp for yourself to sign your personal letters and invitations.

What will we cover?

This beginner’s art class is all about having fun and getting the chance to be a little bit creative.

You will learn an efficient carving technique and tips for using the materials effectively. As an example, we will carve various body parts—eyes, ears, hands, etc. — and put them together in any colour and combination into create complete creatures which can make for curious characters and great patterns.

Who will be teaching?

UBUB is a community artist who is focused on participatory processes of collaborative creativity. She graduated from a Fine Art University in South Korea with a printmaking major, and has since organised some community art projects at CERES environmental park, City Library, Federation Square and others. You can find her work at