Train your Bunny to lay Chocolate Easter Eggs

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Are you spending too much pocket money on chocolate at this time of the year? Ever wish that your pet rabbit could be chosen as the Easter Bunny? Well, wish no more! In this unique class you can learn all the tricks of the Easter Bunny themselves and teach your own rabbit so you will forever have a supply of tasty, melty chocolate eggs available to you on demand!

What will we cover?

In this class you will learn:

We start the class by separating the facts from the myth regarding the Easter bunny’s ‘secret abilities’ (Did you know that they don’t actually poop jelly beans?) and defining clearly which are achievable skills for the first time bunny trainer. From there we will move onto beginner bunny training where you will learn skills like “Bunny Whispering” and “Easter Egg Dance” with your bunny so you can begin to establish the groundwork to begin the Easter Bunny training.

Who will be teaching?

April Fulsdei, the brilliant teacher of previous classes such as “Training Ocelots for Fun and Profit” and “Freeze Yourself: Visiting the Future with Cryogenics” returns after taking a sabbatical from her teaching adventures to bring you this special once-in-a-life-time class. Having completed 3 years of service for Happy Times Science Conglomerate, a division of EvilCorp, during which she was able to visit the future on 12 separate occasions, she sojourned in Easter Bunny Land as a special guest. There she was initiated in the secret practice of chocolate egg laying and now brings this knowledge to a select few of you so that joy and sugary goodness can be celebrated in this world too.