How to Be Funny: Stand-up Comedy

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

We all love it when we crack a joke that really works. Is there a magic formula? Join this stand-up comedy class to learn about joke telling from start to finish. From writing the gag to performing it on stage, we’re going to prepare a routine.

What will we cover?

In this beginner’s comedy workshop, you will prepare, step-by-step, a stand-up comedy routine.

The class will be in four parts:

  1. Joke topics and limits, with good ol’ fashioned free association writing.
  2. Different angles you can apply to a topic to make a great joke.
  3. Standard comedic techniques. For example “pull back and reveal”, body language or tone of voice.
  4. What to do when you get on stage and how things will (probably) go when you’re up there.

There will be an opportunity to practice and perform your stand-up in front of the class, if you’re brave!

Drawing on his experience as an amateur comedian and academic philosopher, Mitch will detail everything except how to be funny. That’s on you! However, he will share a multitude of philosophical theories to help you go from wishing you were on stage to wishing you could stay there forever.

Who will be teaching?

Mitch profile pictureMitch is a 27-year-old comedian, vocalist, philosopher, part-time radio presenter, socialist, utilitarian, atheist, reductionist, materialist, vegan who hates labels. He’s performed stand-up at some of the biggest comedy and music festivals in the country. Plus, he’s toured Asia and Australia with his death metal band, and hosted everything from community radio to the world’s only nationally syndicated heavy metal radio program, The Racket. He considers it a life well-led that his accomplishments involve screaming into the faces of strangers.