Modern Still Life Watercolours with Emilie

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Modern Still life – So let’s grab something from the pantry (a can of Campbell’s soup perhaps?) Now, we’re going to sit together, draw, ink and watercolour your modern still-life, learning about watercolours and composition as we go.

Emilie will guide you through the process, offering tips and advice on how to use watercolours for observational illustration.

What will we cover?

This beginner’s painting class will focus on using watercolour and illustration skills.

We’ll cover observation drawing and composition and learn the basic of watercolour paints through a playful approach, and you will achieve your first stay at home watercolour still-life illustration!

FYI – You are welcome to bring items with you if you like, or you can use objects from the studio as subject mater. 

Who will be teaching?

Emilie is a Melbourne based artist and maker, currently finishing her PhD at the Victorian College of the Arts. She moved from France in 2014 and has been developing her art practice since, working with a range of media, from video to printmaking, 3D printing and a variety of paint mediums. Emilie is also a comic book artists. Her illustration has been published by the Lifted Brow, and she self-published her first graphic novel in 2018 with Tree Paper Comics in Melbourne.