Street Photography 101 with Peter

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Walk in any direction in Melbourne and you’ll see a world rich with potential images of people, objects, buildings. Street photography has become extremely popular. Instagram has over 8 million photos tagged #streetphotography!

This lively, interesting and hands-­on class is perfect for beginners to pros alike. Maybe you’ve tried street photography and want to sharpen your technique or learn new tricks. Perhaps you’ve never tried, but want to learn what it’s about. Or maybe you just want to get better at taking spontaneous, candid photos. If so, this class is for you.

What will we cover?

Street photography features the human condition within public places. Sounds fancy, but it’s not. Having a camera and being open to what you see is all you need to take inspiring street pics. Serendipity, chance and intuition all help to capture interesting and meaningful images.

The digital revolution lets us take more and more photos, recording our experiences in daily life. With ever smaller and better quality cameras, especially in phones, we can take photos anywhere, anytime.

This photography class will cover:

  • Some of the practitioners of street photography, old and new
  • Examples of iconic and great images
  • Techniques and tricks that will help you to take more interesting pics
  • A trip into the streets with your tutor, who will guide and help you when taking photos

We’ll follow up with a quick discussion and debrief.

Who will be teaching?

PeterPeter has been taking photos since he was a child. A smart phone reignited a passion that had been dormant for a few years, a better camera came next and at the same time a passion for street photography began. He has gone on to start a Diploma in Photo Imaging, and has evolved his spontaneous and candid style into urban street portraiture. Peter has led other small street photography groups in Melbourne and knows and loves Melbourne’s streets, lanes and hidden gems.