Stress Relief at your Fingertips: Learn EFT Tapping with Rod (Online)

This class has passed
This class has passed

Everyday life seems more stressful than ever with the constant anxiety from things such as a pandemic can really take its toll on us. 

However, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), commonly known as “tapping”, can help.

EFT tapping uses gentle tapping with the fingertips on the face, upper body, and hands to soothe our nerves and reset brain patterns from chronic stress and anxiety.

Even though EFT tapping is very powerful, the basics are easy to learn and apply daily.

EFT can help with stress, anxiety, food cravings, indecision, chronic pain, overwhelm and even more serious issue with the help of an experienced practitioner.

In this class, you will learn the basics of where and how to tap and use tapping to work with physical pain, cravings, stressful situations and get the chance to ask lots of questions.

Please note that this is not a group therapy session and not the place to work on more serious issues. You need to accept responsibility for your own well-being and stay away from deeper issues until you’re in a safe space to deal with them. If in doubt, please have a quick chat with Rod on arrival.

What will we cover?

This class is practical and hands-on and will cover:

* What are the Emotional Freedom Techniques and how was it developed
* What can it be used for?
* How does it work?
* Scientific research and evidence
* Where and how to tap
* What to say while tapping
* An experience of using EFT for physical discomfort and pain, stress and anxiety, food cravings, and stressful events.
* There be lots of practice and chances to ask questions


– Closed Captions

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– Free Tickets for First Nation Attendees

– Auslan Interpreted Upon Request

    Who will be teaching? 

    Rod (he/him) is qualified EFT and Kinesiology practitioner. He is dedicated to helping people achieve emotional freedom from the past and breakthrough to new levels of happiness, health, and financial well-being.

    Rod’s compassionate perspective comes from having worked with hundreds of clients with intense emotional issues in his Tap4Health Practice.

    Rod combines a practical background in Engineering and Science with leading-edge Energy Psychology and Kinesiology to identify and heal the emotional aspects of emotional stress, physical pain, and mental well-being.

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