Synchronised Swimming for Newbies with Prateeti (Eastern Sirens)

This class has passed
This class has passed

Synchronised swimming (or officially known as Artistic Swimming) is a low-impact, fun, team sport for all ages and genders. It was first included in the Olympic Games in 1984, and has since evolved and expanded. Swimmers can compete in various events, including: solo, duet, team, combination routine, highlight routine and mixed duet.

This introductory class is all about having fun in the water: expressing yourself, giving new movements a try, meeting people,  and challenging yourself (and having a laugh) as you learn a short routine to music!

It’s a super fun class, and it trains all muscles in your body! Plus learning new movements is great for your mind too.

What will we cover?

  • Start with a short swimming warm up
  • Learn basic sculls for synchronised swimming and how to tread water using eggbeater
  • Learn basic movements for synchronised swimming
  • Learn a short routine

Requirements to attend

  • Comfortable in deep water and can swim 25m back stroke, 25m breast stroke and 25m freestyle. We will have an experienced coach and flotation equipment to help at all times.
  • Register and pay for your class with Laneway Learning. TicketPrice includes your pool entry fee to Brunswick Baths.
  • We will be at the far end of the outdoor 50m pool – so bring some sunscreen along with your bathers, cap and goggles. (No need to bring a nose clip for this beginner session).
  • For insurance purposes, you will need to register with the Eastern Sirens Swimming Club. This is free. Once you have purchased your ticket from Laneway Learning, head to
    to register. Select 
    ‘Try Artistic Swimming’ pass and select ‘Eastern Sirens’ as your club (or email us for help).

Who will be teaching?
Prateeti Sabhlok is an experienced synchronised swimming coach and swimmer, having competed at the 2014 World Cup in the team event. Prateeti and a teammate founded Eastern Sirens Synchronised Swimming Club in 2015, and pioneered adult synchronised swimming classes in Victoria. 

The club runs classes for all ages and genders out of Brunswick Baths and Aquanation in Ringwood. She has coached adult swimmers, as well as youth swimmers in the Australian National team. Prateeti loves the artistic side of the sport and the physically challenging aspects.

Important info:

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