A Taste of Galicia: Festival Octopus and More!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Looking for food inspiration for summer or the upcoming festive season? Why not try Galician food?

Galicia is an autonomous community in the north west of Spain. It is home to amazing food, which is not only delicious, great for sharing and amazingly simple to prepare, but is also steeped in tradition and history.

In this class you will learn about Galician food and how easy it is to cook octopus without it turning to rubber, plus you’ll learn a little Galician and Spanish language. Discover the answers to questions you never knew you had, such as why you have to ‘scare’ an octopus before you cook it and why it must always be eaten with beer or wine, but never water.

What we will cover?

The class will cover creating three Galician dishes:

  • Tostas tomates: Simple and healthy tapas, that make great starters to any meal
  • Pulpo a la Gallega (also known as Festival Octopus): the star of the lesson. It will be made in two ways – island style and market style
  • Grandma cake: Easy comfort food that tastes like a sweet hug from Grandma!

And the all important tastings and Octopus Festival will come at the end of the evening!

Who will be teaching?

Javier Parada is from Vigo, a city in the south of Galicia. He likes cooking and eating. Javier has been living in Melbourne for 6 months and is impressed at the quality and price of octopus in Australia. He thinks that Australians should take advantage of this, Galician style.

Kym Bramley is a Melbournian who is passionate about travel, learning Spanish and cooking traditional food from all over the world. After she returned from Spain this year, she asked Javier to teach her how to make the pulpo. She was amazed at how easy it was and convinced Javier that other people should know about it as well.