This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ever had a horrible bitter green tea? Confused by the difference between oolongs, green and black tea? Wondering where tea even comes from? (Hint: ‘a tea-bag’ is the not the right answer)

This class will clarify some tea-myths and give some tips on how to avoid face-scrunching green tea experiences.

What will we cover?

After a brief look at what tea actually is and what makes it so special, we’ll explore some of the major types of tea, how they are produced and what makes them different from each other. As there are some skills in brewing tea to bring out its best flavour, we’ll look at brewing methods and as no tea class would be complete without tastings, we’ll do some of that as well.

Who will be teaching?

In 2010, Sarah Cowell left her job in the government to set off around Asia and follow her passion to learn about tea. Upon returning she took up the position as Tea Sommelier at Vue de Monde and then Storm in a Teacup.Now speaking, teaching and consulting on tea, Sarah is increasingly interested in how tea is not just a fine beverage, but also a tool for enriching our experience of life through mindfulness, slowing down, simplifying, service and human connection.