The Art of Guerrilla Kindness

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Guerrilla Kindness merges the concept of guerrilla art with the idea of random acts of kindness. It’s making small hand crafted artworks to leave around the streets of cities of the world for people to find and take; practising random acts of Guerrilla Kindness to lift people’s mood and make them happy.

What will we cover?

We’ll be looking at street artists who use gifting in their practise, and how people are using acts of public craft to attempt to change their world. The world needs more moments of joy, more unexpected lovely things happening to people, more enveloping moments of beauty that catch your eye and your heart, even if only for a second.

If acts of road rage can create a ripple effect which sparks more road rage, surely acts of loveliness can ripple out too? During the workshop we’ll also be making our own works of Guerrilla Kindness, sewing felt cupcakes to leave around Melbourne. The sewing skills required are minimal, and all materials will be provided.

Who will be teaching?

SayraphimSayraphim Lothian is a public artist who creates playful experiences for people. Her street work attempts to inject tiny, unexpected and magical moments in passers-by’s lives. They aim to remind people of the niceness of life, as rewards those who take the time to stop and look around them once in a while. These works can be found in streets all around the world.

Her participatory work creates bridges between participants, allowing moments of loveliness to flow between strangers. They are about the sharing of experiences and the fleeting but meaningful connections made. They are about rediscovering joy in oneself and realising it abounds in other people. Sayraphim aims to facilitate meaningful connections between people through craft.