The Beginners Mind Experiment: Neuroplastic Brain

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

The brain takes the shape whatever the mind focuses upon – Dr Rick Hanson

In the past, scientists used to think that our human brains become hardwired once we enter  adulthood.  However, thanks to the cutting-edge discoveries in neuroscience and the advancement in imaging technology of the past decades, now we know that our human brain is rather plastic.   According to neuroplasticity, neurons that “fire together, wire together”.  Repeated mental activities (sustained thinking and belief patterns) result in repeated neural activity, which eventually cause neurological changes to the brain.

Interestingly this new understanding of the relationship between mind and brain has long been recognised by some of the ancient Eastern wisdom, such as the notion of a Beginner’s Mind.  Rather than being fixed and static, each one of us is a work in progress and has the capacity to self-transform.

Essentially, we are witnessing the synergy between the contemporary science and ancient wisdom and witnessing whereby we can use our mind to change our brain for the benefit of our mind. So, if  it IS possible to change your mind and your brain, wouldn’t you like to try?

What will we cover?

Together, we will explore and learn:

  • core concepts in neuroplasticity and their relevance to our daily lives;
  • what Beginner’s Mind means and when and where it is needed;
  • the convergence of the power of mind in both ancient wisdom and contemporary science.
  • practical tools to change our mind for cultivating a more beneficial and positive mindset.

This workshop is experiential in nature, so we will learn through reflective discussions, creative meditations and various play exercise to embody the understanding for ourselves. 

Who will be teaching?

Elva Zhang crop

Elva is the Founder of Peace Lab, which curates and conducts experiential workshops that synthesis ancient Eastern wisdom teachings and contemporary Western science theories as a unique agent for well-being and positive changes.  A long-term meditator, trained in laughter yoga and positive neuroplasticity, Elva created Peace Lab to deal with stress, anxiety and negative self-talks, initially as an international student studying alone in a foreign country and then as a lawyer working in highly stressful jobs.

Although Elva used to be so serious, nowadays she feels lucky to be a “Laughing Zen Lawyer”, whereby she can share her passion for well-being and self-understanding through the creative endeavour of Peace Lab, while still being able to work as a lawyer for a global shipping line.

You can find Peacelab on Facebook  or Instagram