The Science of Hope

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

This class explores the science and practice of hope. Hope has inspired people to climb mountains, cure illness, tackle poverty and generally do the impossible. Often when we think of hope we think of a general intention to cross your fingers and wish for the best. The science of hope tells us it is much more than wishful thinking.

What will we cover?

Differences in hope can explain why some people persist when pursuing meaningful goals, even when faced with unexpected challenges, while others give up. Learn about why hope matters, how to create your own hope action plan and spark hope in others.

Who will be teaching?

Jo Mitchell is a clinical psychologist who works at The Mind Room and the AFL Players Association. She is passionate about sharing serious science via playful wellbeing workshops. She finds her own hope and happiness in being an awesome auntie, practical scientist, and an ambassador for band4hope.