Time Management for your Life Goals with Christie (Online)

  • 24th Jul, 2024
  • 6:15pm - 7:30pm (AEST)
  • Online

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Hola! If you’re feeling
like your life is out of whack and in serious need of balance and
direction, then this class might be for you. HOLA stands for Holistic Organising Life Audit, and we say “holistic” because all areas of our lives really are interconnected.

A life audit of this type gives you tools and a
roadmap towards finding fulfillment across different areas of your life. You
may be surprised just where you are feeling the most (and the least)
satisfied in your life. This might not sound like traditional time management, but think of it as taking a bird’s eye view to see where your time, energy, and attention is going. And where you’d like it to go!

Once you’ve had a thorough look over the various aspects of your life through the HOLA lens, you can then get to the nitty
gritty work. This can include identifying values and setting goals in different areas of your life to feel
uplifted, aligned and in control.

What will we cover?

Together during the class, we will learn to utilise new tools to unpack:

  • Measuring your own satisfaction in different areas of your life
  • Identifying what aspects require the most time, energy and attention
  • Setting goals based on personal values for different life areas
  • Practical steps for implementing changes to align your life with your goals
  • Strategies for maintaining ongoing balance and alignment.

What will you need?


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Who will be teaching?

Christie Flora (she/her) is a passionate Time Trainer on a mission to eliminate overwhelm. She works
with clients who yearn to be a human BEING. Who want to do time their
way, who want fuller lives outside of the 9-5. Her ideal clients are
creative, sensitive, critical thinkers, who prefer to carve their own
paths. You can find out more over at her website: www.florandorder.com

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