This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

So who are we?!? We’re your local booty popping enthusiasts, keeping your waists slim and tooshies trim. Consider this self-appointed community services, teaching all the babes (ladies and fellas) out there how to have mad appreciation for what our mumma’s gave us. This is all done in a fat-burning, 600 calorie losing, 1 hour cl-ASS.

What will we cover?

Twerkshop is a dance ex-ASS-cise cl-ASS with an emph-ASS-is on the ASS. We will learn how to Twerk (think Beyonce, not Miley), show you how to put your twerking to good use, plus teach you a few bootylicious dance moves to bring it all together! All while keeping you moving, sweating and smiling! Butt don’t forget, we only have one rule… No lurkers, only twerkers. So in the words of Timbaland in the midst of bringing Sexy Back… G’on lemme see what you Twerking with!

If you’re still a little confused, you can visit us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

P.S. It’s also SUPER important to wear comfy sneakers and loose, relaxed clothing to ensure the ultimate jiggle 😉

Who will be teaching?

sahrysSarhys has been twerking for a while, officially beginning only last year in Melbourne, but unofficially beginning in 2008 when she lived in New York. She’ll make you feel fant-ASS-tic about your body, and hopefully get a few laughs out of you too!