What’s holding you back? Draw to Find an Answer with Christine ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Our unconscious mind knows us better than we do.. and it doesn’t lie. Using the power of art therapy lets unlock your what’s holding you back in life and at work. No artistic skill required at all.

The more you put in to this exercise the more you will get out of it. Join Christine as she will guide you into seeing what things in life holding you back. It’s a fun exercise design to get to know yourself better.

What will we cover?

Christine will guide us as we doodle a cartoon and then see what the cartoon tells you. You do not have to show or share information. The drawing is for you alone. Lets have fun and see what is holding you back. Think of something that happened to someone else that may have concerned/worried you before the age of 8. Its not about you! its about something that happened to someone else. (this shouldn’t be something that causes you trauma – if that’s the case just think of a show you watched: for example: I went to see Snow White as a child at the movies).

What will you need?

Paper and pen or pencils.

Who will be teaching?

Christine J is a trained Art Therapist, her previous background in training and e-learning development in the corporate sector changed when her personal life took her into a new direction, looking at alternative medicines and therapies. Christine is the owner of ‘A journey back to Self – Art Therapy’. Happiness is a core value of Christine’s business; she believes that by knowing who you really are and being true to yourself – happiness will follow.
In her spare time Christine is a painter and potter and traveller. You can see her work on Instagram