Woodcut Printmaking

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Woodcut printmaking is a simple, cheap and fun technique that can be used to create multiple prints. Because it can be done without expensive equipment or professional skills, woodcuts have a long history of being used by ordinary people to create art. What’s more, images made in this way have a unique style and strong visual effects.

What will we cover?

First we’ll have a brief look at the evolution of woodcuts, followed by a demonstration of how to carve the wood. Participants can create their own woodcut and then print it by using their feet to ‘dance’ on the fabric and make a print without use of a press. Finally, we will combine all the woodcuts together a form a collaborative artwork.

Who will be teaching?

UBUB is a community artist who is focused on participatory processes of collaborative creativity. She graduated from a Fine Art University in South Korea with a printmaking major, where she organised lots of community art projects. She has worked as a professional mural painter, a video artist, comic creator and performance artist. UB moved to Melbourne 3 years ago and has since organised some community art projects at CERES environmental park, City Library, Federation Square and so on. You can find her work at