Yo-Yoing with Russel Howcroft

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

The yo-yo is one of the oldest toys in the world. For thousands of years, children and adults alike have devoted hours to a spinning disk at the end of a piece of string.

In this class Russel Howcroft, the ad man and Gruen Transfer panelist, will take us all back-to-school with his mad yo-yo skills.

Together, we will loop the loop, walk the dog and rock the baby.

What will we cover?

Russel will speak briefly about the peculiar pleasures of the yo-yo, before we get stuck into learning the tricks themselves.

We will begin with the basics – how to get the thing spinning – before moving on to some more advanced moves. By the end, we will all be going head to head in a yo-yo battle.

Throughout, Russel will be happy to answer questions from the floor – about yo-yos, about advertising, and about what it is like to work with Wil Anderson.

NB – There are two prices for the class, depending on whether you bring your own yo-yo. If you want us to buy one for you, we have allocated $6 to get something similar to this. Otherwise bring along your own.

Who will be teaching?

russelRussel Howcroft is national chief executive of the advertising firm Y&R Brands. However, he is best known for his appearances as a regular panelist on the Gruen Transfer, and for his weekend talk-show on 3AW. Russel has been yo-yoing for many years.