Yoga, Write and Meditate: Connecting Back to You

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

The translation of yoga is “I am”. It is about union and connection to self. While the philosophy of yoga is thousands of years old, we can draw great inspiration from this in our modern lives.

How often do we genuinely take the time to turn our attention inwards and to reflect on who we really are and what we want for ourselves? Outside of the roles we play, what is it that really matters to us? In this workshop, we will explore these themes, and discover tools and strategies that can be incorporated in your every day life.

What we will cover?

This workshop will include yoga practice (so wear comfy clothes, and bring your mat!), breath work, meditation and written exploration. While the class will offer a calm and personal reflective space, the opportunity will also be created for group reflection and sharing of experiences as well.

Who will be teaching?

Michelle is a qualified social worker, life coach, yoga teacher and a published author. She has worked with children, young people and adults, exploring child psychology, narrative therapy and more. Some of her most notable work is in facilitating teams of young adults who have experience trauma and the child protection system, to use these experiences to create better service systems for other children and young people.

Michelle draws on a narrative approach in to enable others to overcome and move through their experiences, to reconnect with themselves and others, and to contribute to building better lives for one another. She is also a board member for a small non-for-profit, Restoring Hope, who support those who have experienced sexual abuse in the community. Michelle has an infectious love of dancing, getting out in the sunshine, exploring Melbourne and travelling the world.