You and the Universe

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Have you ever looked at the sky at night and wondered what you’re seeing? How big is the universe, and what is it made of? Find out in this broad overview of astronomy that will connect you with the cosmos.

What will we cover?

Starting with your thumb, we’ll play a ‘metric game’ – exploring ideas and then taking a step to something ten times larger. From you, to this city, the earth, solar system, galaxy and beyond! Through interactive demonstrations, you’ll gain an appreciation of the different scales of the universe, how big it all is, and how everything fits together. Whether you’re wondering what that twinkle twinkle little star is, or you’ve hitchhiked around the galaxy, you’ll learn something about this ol’ universe, and your place in it!

Who will be teaching?

david kleinDavid Klein is a science communicator and enthusiast from Wellington, New Zealand. He loves trying to explain the ‘big picture’ of space, and connecting the personal to the universal. He finds himself in Melbourne to perform in the Fringe Festival. Toward a Better Understanding of the Universe is a science based monologue, and won Best Newcomer at the NZ Fringe Awards.