Cloud Appreciation for the Curious with Sue

This class has passed
This class has passed

Clouds are beautiful, abundant and ever changing. In this whimsical class you will learn to look up and pay attention to these under-appreciated but ever-present wonders of nature!

As well as learning technically about cloud types and their features, this class will guide you through a visual gallery of cloud photography as the basis to explore the awe and beauty of clouds and cloud appreciation.

Learning to appreciate clouds offers untold benefits for our health and wellbeing, our imagination and creativity, and sense of prosperity by literally connecting us to nature, our own perspectives, and creating opportunities to exercise imagination and reflection, tuning-out of life’s bustle and tuning-in to its beauty.

    What will we cover?

    In this fun, interactive workshop you will:

    • Learn to look up and gain a whole new perspective on the world
    • Flex your imagination finding fun things in clouds
    • Learn to use clouds as a muse for your creativity and apply this in class (materials provided)
    • Take a fun quiz to work out your “cloud type”
    • Test your new-found knowledge about clouds 

    No prior knowledge required. Just bring along a fun-loving, curious disposition. Notepaper, writing and drawing materials provided.


    • Wheelchair Accessible Venue
    • Gender Neutral Bathrooms
    • Quiet Spaces
    • Discounted Early Bird Tickets
    • Free Tickets for First Nation Attendees 
    • Auslan Interpreted Upon Request

      Who will be Teaching? 

      Sue March (she/her) can usually be found with her head in the clouds! After a long career working for other people, Sue is taking her passion for cloud photography to the world to bring awe and beauty (and a sense of whimsy and lightheartedness) to our sometimes dull and too-serious lives.

      Sue is a community advisor on the Cloud Appreciation Society Member Council, speaks about cloud appreciation at summits and workshops, and offers her cloud photography through her website: and on Instagram: @cloudy_fingers

      Important info:

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