Time Journalling: Strengthening Personal Memories through Creativity with Claudia (Online)

This class has passed
This class has passed

Feeling like your days and weeks fly by? Or that milestones like the end of the year come around earlier each time? Do you tend to forget the exact date or month that an important event occurred because your past seems like a big blur?

This class is perfect for you!

Learn how to hit the pause button. Take back control over the fast-spinning wheel of time that can rob you of precious moments of joy, opportunities to celebrate, or unique memories of irretrievable time spent with loved ones.

Claudia’s Time Journalling class helps us to connect to important moments and memories, and creatively ‘document’ them to strengthen their presence in our memory (and present).

What will we cover?

This fun introductory class will explore:

  • Memory, the pace of life and why recalling events can be hard
  • Note-taking ideas and practices to document important memories, moments and achievements – how to recognise and record your meaningful moments on a monthly basis
  • Time-making practices – how to set aside time to revisit and reflect on those important memories and moments, and take energy from them, which itself grants us time to slow down
  • Creative ideas and practices for working with and connecting to important memories and moments – e.g. guided structured or creative writing in combination with exploring creative channels like video or audio messages and craft to visualise and keep memories

Although you cannot turn back time, learn how to: 

  • Make experiences seemingly last longer, more intense and tangible while appreciating and using your time more effectively in fun and creative ways
  • Feel more mindfully in control of your time

          What will you need?

          No materials necessary, but you might like to jot down some memories, creative ideas and means for documenting them in a way that speaks to you.


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              Who will be teaching? 

              Claudia (she/her) grew up close to where the Brothers Grimm collected and wrote their world-renowned fairy tales like Snow White, Cinderella & Little Red Ridinghood. No wonder she is a lover of storytelling and, in fact, uses storytelling techniques in her writing as an internationally experienced journalist.

              Finding herself pretty much constantly on the run with time flying by, Claudia now uses a form of creative storytelling to stop, pause and capture life’s moments by turning them into creative time tales using words, visuals, videos, audios and more while having heaps of fun and never being sure of the outcome will look like – which is part of the fun.

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