Create Your Own View-Master Reel with Emilie

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Do you remember playing with a View-Master? Originally an alternative to scenic postcards and way before the invention of virtual reality they first showed stereoscopic images of tourist attractions and travel destinations. Since they were introduced 1939 there have been 25 different viewer models and every reel will work in every model. Learn the skills to create your own View-Master reel to use at home.

What will we cover?

You will design and make your own View-Master reel, using old photo slides and/or drawing on acetate sheets. You can create a short narrative with the seven slides of the reel or just have fun with colour and shapes.

There will be View-Masters that you can view your reel through during the class and some of these are available for purchase from the teacher for $25.

Who will be teaching?

Emilie is a Melbourne based artist and maker, currently finishing her PhD at the VCA. She moved from France and 2014 and has been working with viewing devices such as View-Master and slide viewers. She also writes comic books and loves to find the story in any art practice.