Cryptic Crosswords with Tara ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Have you always had an affinity for wordplay? You love crosswords but you look at the cryptic crosswords and think, “what the actual heck are they on about?” (and trust me you are not alone there).

Would you like to become a code breaker and learn how to de-crypt, decipher and demystify the word hodge-podge that is the cryptic crossword clue?

Then this is the class for you! Tara will unravel the secrets and set you on the path toward cryptic mastery

What will we cover?

This class will walk you through some of the clue-types that sneaky crossword setters like to use.

  • You’ll be unravelling the Deep Mysteries of the crossword
  • Become a bonafide cruciverbalist in no time (well, in 45 minutes).
  • This class is aimed at beginners but all puzzle-solvers are more than welcome!

What will you need?

  • Your favourite note taking items (pen & paper)

Who will be teaching it?

Tara Cairnduff is a writer and editor and all-around word nerd who learned crosswords at her grandpappy’s knee. She keep herself busy, walking her greyhound Jill, cooking delicious snacks, writing delicious content. But she ALWAYS make time in her day for a crossword, there’s nothing better than starting your day with a coffee (or tea) and a good word-puzzle, it’s like starting your day with mental warm-up stretches. So, if you’re ready to get mentally stretchy, please join Tara as we mix, match, scramble and untangle some letters into words!

You can find our more on her website