Intro to Sex Toys with Sam ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Have you ever wanted to buy yourself a sex toy, but had no idea where to start?  What’s the difference between a vibrator vs a dildo and what’s the appeal of a butt plug with a tail?

This class is for those who are too shy to walk into an adult store or find themselves overwhelmed by options (especially online).  Join Sam (“Miss Smut Buttons”) to take a look at the huge variety of sex toys on offer and what each of them can do for you.

What we will cover?

  • Sex toy safety – what to do, what not to do
  • What products to never ever buy (even if you’re desperate)
  • Lubricants and sex toy maintenance
  • How much you should expect to spend on a decent toy

Who will be teaching?

Miss Smut Buttons (aka Sam Jones) is a sex philosopher and adult industry alumna. She has worked in brothels, strip clubs, porn studios and sex toy stores. Through Smut Buttons Sam has travelled internationally to work with research institutes, participated in panel discussions and collaborated with a variety of sex educators. She has been reviewing sex toys for the better part of a decade.  You can find her via her websiteFacebook  or Instagram.